Our Showrooms

ROSCO | collections, with its portfolio of Italian and own-brand products covering all that's needed to create today's well-designed, high-quality bathroom, offers attractive terms - including tempting display offers - to retail outlets throughout the UK and Ireland.

With over 100 years' combined experience in all areas of the bathroom industry, and with long-term contracts in place with all our suppliers, ROSCO collections is a well-respected player in this important market. And what's more, ROSCO | collections' unique One Stop Shop service means that when you order different items from us, they're all delivered in one drop.

No more wondering where you're going to put the bath and cabinet while you're waiting for the taps; no more waiting for customers' payments when they've already had 80% of the order.

Our streamlined warehousing/delivery facilities will hold each part of your order until it's complete, then bring all it to you in one drop. Order from ROSCO | collections - and yes, we do have almost everything - and your customer's entire order can come in and go out of your premises in a day.

Why not discuss our generous terms? For further information, contact us on 01934 712299 or e-mail sales@roscobathrooms.co.uk